House Ezemys is the family that holds the title of King and has been in power since the creation of Cynadel.

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History Edit

The Ezemys family's roots go far back, being one of the strong powers throughout the history of conflict seen on Asaldur. Over time, the family was able to gain or conquer allies, and started to have a strong grasp over much land. At the time of the signing of the Treaty of Union, Cynrik Ezemys had charge of a vast army and a swath of lands. Happy with the treaty, Cynrik began the country of Cynadel and named himself King. He appointed his four most trusted comrades as rulers over the the land. These roles evolved into the title of Baron when more cities rose, and more Lords were created. Cynrik ruled for 14 years before passing from a sickness.

Since Cynrik's rule, there have been 54 others to take over the mantle of King, and over the years, there have been branches of the Ezemys family to form their own House, as well as much intermingling between some of the other higher nobles. The current head of House Ezemys and current King of Cynadel is Talon Ezemys.

Notable Members Edit

  • Cynrik Ezemys, Founder and first King of Cynadel.
  • Pikkalet Ezemys, the Undying. Holds longest rule of any King lasting over 80 years
  • Talon Ezemys, the current King.