The Faith of Asaldur is the widest spread religion in Asaldur. It was started at the earliest times of civilization on Asaldur, and is believed to be the oldest known religion in the world, dating several thousand years earlier. The faith is a polytheistic religion under the belief of six deities, also known as The Six, who control various aspects of life.

Deities Edit

There are six deities, sometimes referred to as The Six, that are believed to have a hand in several aspects of life. These deities are the following:

  • The Clockmaker, God of Time and Death
  • The Gardener, Goddess of Nature, Beauty, and Life
  • The Warrior, God of War, Strength, and Bravery
  • The Dancer, Goddess of Music, Happiness, and Celebration
  • The Sailor, God of Sea, Storms, and Travel
  • The Banker, Goddess of Wealth, Well-being, and Prosperity

Organization Edit

Leadership, roles, etc.

Practices Edit

Worship, Holy Days, Trials, Marriage customs, Death (Afterlife and Funeral Customs)

History Edit

The Faith of Asaldur is several thousands of years old, and has a long history filled with legends believed to have occurred.

Origins Edit

It is said that before the world was created, there was only darkness. Then light formed to shape the world, beginning with the creation of The Six. From there, a shooting star created by The Six shot down to the world and birthed life from the light that covered the world. It is believed that all good creatures, especially humans, were created with light, while all evil creatures were given shape from the receding darkness.

Legends Edit

Legends say that these evil creatures attempted to regain control of the world and drive away the humans. Fearing their destruction, The Six forged six weapons of pure light, and gifted them to six chosen heroes. Then they passed their knowledge of metal crafting to the most pious, who were able to make weapons to combat evil, which were given to the Holy Knights of the Church. With the Gods' help, humans were able to drive away the darkness forever more, giving life a chance to prosper on the world.