The Asalduran Calendar lasts for 216 days, beginning with the onset of Spring. There are 6 days in a week, 6 weeks in a month, and 6 months in a year.

Days of the Week Edit

There are six days in a week, which are said to represent the six gods of The Faith of Asaldur. These days of the week are the following:

  • Temporan
  • Rayuran
  • Agbaran
  • Ceolran
  • Segaran
  • Pasuran

Months of the Year Edit

There are six months in the year, and each year has six weeks, following the sacred number from the Faith. The months are named as follows

  • Lent: Represents spring and the rebirth of plants.
  • Romity: A transition between spring and summer where plants thrive.
  • Veriny: Represents the summer.
  • Haust: Early autumn and typical last harvest month.
  • Jemrod: A transition between autumn and winter usually used for preparation for the coming winter.
  • Zima: Represents the Winter

Years Edit

The year is determined by the number of years since the Current Age started.