A Baron is a title given to four different Lords, who are each given command over a region of Cynadel. The region usually contain several other castles each ruled by a Lord of their own, as well as a seat of power, or capitol, of the region. The Baron often resides in the capitol, and the lesser Lords pay respects to the him or her by way of taxes and loyalty. Each Lord is allowed a retinue of Knights and guards, however, the Baron is able to assume command over them when required. This role is created to help build a chain of command between the Lords and the King and to attempt to avoid confusion and power struggles.

Roles Edit

The Baron has several different roles to cover. They are the peacekeepers of their region, and are in charge of executing the penalties to those who commit a crime, and are required to settle disputes among the Lords. They also collect the taxes from the individual Lords, and pay the region's taxes to the King. They are usually paid by keeping some of the taxes that are received. Finally, a Baron is the commander of that regions army in the event of war. To a lesser extent, they are able to create their own rules in an attempt to ease the above processes as needed.