Asaldur is one of the main continents in the known world. Though the world has not been entirely explored, Asaldur is believed to be the largest. It is governed by the three separate countries of Cynadel, Raynvalt, and Shahren-Dor. These countries were created after a treaty brought thousands of years of wars to an end, and established a split of the continent between the three leaders of those factions. There is an independent island in the Eastern Bay called the Merchant's Key which is where trade is done between all three countries as well as many outside powers, so as to not allow one country to hold trade over the others.

Geography Edit

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Governments Edit

There are three ruling governments that make up Asaldur, formed by a treaty signed at the beginning of the Current Age. These three countries are Cynadel, Raynvalt, and Shahren-Dor. Select individuals from each country will meet occasionally to discuss policies or laws between the countries.

The island of Merchant's Key is run by the merchants living there and is independent of Asaldur's leading powers. It acts as a large trading post between the three countries as well as any Other Men, so as to avoid one country gaining power over the others.

Biology and Anthropology Edit

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History Edit

For thousands of years, Asaldur lived in turmoil while several groups fought over the right to control it. As the fighting continued and treaties and alliances were formed, and groups submitted to those more powerful, three major factions were formed. Seeing no end to the fighting between these factions, the Treaty of Union was signed to split the continent into three, Cynadel, Raynvalt, and Shahren-Dor. It was this event that triggered what is known as the Current Age, which has lasted for 1611 years.

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